Kobold Radish Patch

“As you explore this wooded area of the Green Belt, you come across a small muddy arrow-shaped clearing that appears to have been cleared mostly by hand. Clumps of bushes with large radishes grow here and there. Three large baskets of the spicy roots sit at the edge of the clearing. At first, you think you are alone, but quickly notice the back of a kobold laying on his side. He rolls over to see you and shrieks jumping up and shouting to others behind him, also laying about the bushes. You think you see another 3 (total of 4) kobolds moving about and grabbing their small weapons.”

Your collective action to approach the kobolds calmly leads to an agreement to trade. They are cautious, but ask what you have and you show them that you have money and possibly other goods. The only thing of value you see they have are the radishes and maybe the leather armor they wear (and really that’s not much). They seem to be quite proud of “their” radishes (which they remind you of quite a bit). You also notice that the kobolds appear to be quite dirty as if they have had soot all over them at some time but rubbed off.

When asked about the radishes, they get defensive and start demanding a high price of 10 gold per radish claiming that the they taste really good and they get so little food. You know that you need about 5 of them to make a good sized soup, but you have never paid that much for them. These radishes appear to be a variation known as Moon Radishes.

When asked what they would do with the money, they say something about the bad guys to the south keep bothering them and will use the money to keep them away.

Suggested Actions: At this point, the obvious steps are that you can pay them 50 gp for the 5 radishes, talk to them more, and/or fight with them. If the group concludes a swift/peaceful end, feel free to provide details on any prep for the next hex (which I believe is the next hex next to Oleg’s Post).

Kobold Radish Patch

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